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Alpha 9 Tournament

There are 9 spots available in this, the second-annual Alpha 9 Tournament. It consists of three qualifying 3-Way-Dance matches and a final 3-Way-Dance match to determine the ultimate #ALPHA.

Eight spots have been filled. Who...

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Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

Primos Champion, "American Trash" Trajan Ender, will defend his title.
Jay Synn and Lonnie Valdez will finally get their hands on each other in an officially sanctioned match and we've got a 5-way match...

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Jack Zaler Tribute

Primos Pro Wrestling lost a friend, an amazing performer, and a force of nature when we lost Jack Zaler.

Stars like Mike and Matt Sydal, Xavier Woods, Shane Marx, and friends came out for...

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On February 21, 2016 Primos Pro Wrestling's finest athletes opened up a Bloodbath on each other. The sheer force and brutality showed on this night will live on in Primos lore for a long...

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