“The Insatiable” Johnny Crash

From: Tromaville, New Jersey
Height: 5'5"
Weight: A Slim 217 lbs
Signature Moves: 138 Crash Splash, Crash Plant Flatliner
Finisher: The Crash Landing
Trained by: Lonnie Valdez
Debuted: 2001

The Insatiable Johnny Crash can't get enough. He can't find enough good food, good love, or good times. He can't wrestle enough, compete enough, or win enough. He is Primos sexiest man, its largest cruiserweight, and its most American Japanese import. As part of the Market Street Riot The Insatiable One has wowed the crowds with big moves and big results. And on his own Johnny Crash has won the Lucha Libre and Laughs Heavyweight Championship, not bad for a ravenous Japanese cruiserweight.